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Are you still seeking a new houses to stay in? California is a big state. There are a lot of people here. And there are several best location here you may spend your life time. You have many options if you choose the California as your next home. If you love live in downtown where many good places can be accessed easily, then you can choose Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco. But if you want to live in peace out of the town, thes Newport Beach Houses is the best selection that you will never get anything better.

Getting Newport Beach Houses

Newport Beach is a famous place in California. Lot of peoples like to expend the vacationin this place. It's actuallu a excelent beach to shake off the busy routines during the workdays. If you like to search the nature, these may be the excelent destination for you. You will able to go there with family. It's attending be nice also to savor the honeymoon days with your wife. When you've reaserched the nice thing about Newport Beach, you will not alike to take your car backward to the town even if you've to.

Why inflation hurts more than it did 30 years ago

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Inflation spooked the nation in the early 1980s. It surged and kept rising until it topped 13 percent.

These days, inflation is much lower. Yet to many Americans, it feels worse now. And for a good reason: Their income has been even flatter than inflation.

Back in the '80's, the money people made typically more than made up for high inflation. In 1981, banks would pay nearly 16 percent on a six-month CD. And workers typically got pay raises to match their higher living costs.

CDC: Cancer survivor count growing each year; early detection and better treatment contribute

ATLANTA (AP) -- The number of cancer survivors in the United States is increasing by hundreds of thousands a year, and now includes roughly one in 20 adults, health officials said Thursday.

More people are surviving cancer, in part, because of earlier detection and better treatment, they said.

In 2007, there were about 11.7 million Americans with a history of cancer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. Forty years ago, the number of cancers survivors was about 3 million. That increased to 10 million in 2001 and to 11.4 million in 2006.

Find Complete Information about Newport Beach

There are a lot things that should be prepared before having a holiday. People should decide their holiday destination, get a place to stay, and many others. It is very important for people to gather as much information as they can about their holiday destination, so they can enjoy their holiday even more. It will be so much better to add their knowledge before they having a holiday. One of the popular and favorite holiday destinations is Newport Beach. People should choose good Newport Beach Houses in order to make their holiday more enjoyable and fun.

Gates: Arab nations must enact democratic reforms

MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) -- U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Saturday he believes leaders in Persian Gulf ally Bahrain are serious about addressing grievances that have spawned a growing protest movement, but swift action is needed to deny rival Iran the chance to exploit the current instability.

Gates told reporters on his flight home from the Mideast that he urged rulers in the kingdom, which is home to the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet, to view their crisis as a chance to show other Arab governments how political change can prove successful.

Twitter must give user info in WikiLeaks probe

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) -- A federal magistrate ruled Friday that prosecutors can demand Twitter account information of certain users in their criminal probe into the disclosure of classified documents on WikiLeaks.

The prosecutors' reasons for seeking the records remain secret and it's unknown how important they are to the investigation of the largest leak ever of classified American documents.

The Twitter users argued that the government was on a fishing expedition that amounted to an unconstitutional violation of their freedoms of speech and association.

Asian casino king Stanley Ho settles family feud

HONG KONG (AP) -- Asian casino king Stanley Ho said he has dropped a lawsuit against some of his family members and settled an inheritance dispute over a stake in his Macau casino empire worth about $1.6 billion.

The high-stakes drama offered a glimpse into the private life of one of Hong Kong's wealthiest men and highlighted the ugly power struggle for control of Hong Kong-listed casino operator Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, or SJM.

As competitors pop up, iPad keeps price advantage

NEW YORK (AP) -- The new iPad model hitting stores Friday comes with several improvements over the original version but the same price tag, hobbling efforts by rivals at breaking Apple Inc.'s hold on the emerging market for tablet computers.

Competitors such as Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. can't seem to match the iPad's starting price of $499. Tablets that are comparable to the iPad in features cost hundreds of dollars more, while cheaper tablets are inferior to the iPad in quality.

Newport Beach Houses

More people prefer to relax on the beach. A dream for tourism to find out the wind blowing breeze, calm down waves and sandy beaches that invigorate absolute fun and relaxation. Newport Beach is the resolution to the dream of us who dreamt up of the beach surround as their ideal style to find fun and relaxation. Newport Beach Houses is the answer for a place to live for the dream of every person who considers coastal environment as their ideal way to have fun and relaxation. Newport Beach Houses is a place that caught the tending of numerous tourists and get a real popular place. The beach is beautiful and clear to the great tourist destination for Numerous people. You will be able to act several recreational activities in Newport beach like causing a picnic with friends and families.

Watery eyes, bloody noses: Wyoming's gas-drilling region plagued by smog; price of prosperity?

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) -- Wyoming, famous for its crisp mountain air and breathtaking, far-as-the-eye-can-see vistas, is looking a little bit like smoggy Los Angeles these days because of a boom in natural gas drilling.

Folks who live near the gas fields in the western part of this outdoorsy state are complaining of watery eyes, shortness of breath and bloody noses because of ozone levels that have exceeded what people in L.A. and other major cities wheeze through on their worst pollution days.

Diebler's barrage lifts No. 1 Buckeyes, 93-65

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- In the midst of a raucous locker room after No. 1 Ohio State's 93-65 payback victory over 10th-ranked Wisconsin, Jon Diebler said he was sorry to his teammates.

"I apologize for missing that one," he said.

Everyone laughed.

Diebler lived up to his "3-bler" nickname Sunday by hitting 7 of 8 shots behind the arc while scoring 27 points, as Ohio State (29-2, 16-2 Big Ten) set NCAA Division I records by making 14 of 15 3-pointers (93.3 percent) and hitting 14 in a row - after missing the first.

British Team Leaves Libya After Being Held by Rebels

A British diplomatic team that reportedly includes special forces soldiers has left Libya after being detained by rebels near the eastern rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

Britain says the team left Libya Sunday after running into "difficulties." It did not confirm the presence of special forces but Foreign Secretary William Hague said Britain would send another delegation to meet rebel leaders soon.

Britain's Sunday Times newspaper earlier reported that Libyan rebels had captured as many as eight British special forces soldiers and a junior diplomat Friday who were on a covert mission to put the diplomat in touch with rebel leaders.

White House: Oil reserves eyed as oil prices rise

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama's chief of staff says the administration is looking at the nation's oil reserves as it considers options for dealing with the spike in gas prices.

The price of a barrel of oil has passed $100. In the U.S., gasoline is averaging $3.50 a gallon.

Those increases come amid unrest in the oil-producing Middle East, particularly as rebellion rages in Libya.

"We're looking at the options," including drawing on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, William Daley said. "It is something that only is done - and has been done - in very rare occasions. There's a bunch of factors that have to be looked at. And it is just not the price."

Carnival Celebrations Gearing Up for Mardi Gras Finale

From the Brazil to the United States, Carnival celebrations are picking up, with the grand finale, Mardi Gras, just days away.

In Rio de Janeiro, the party kicked off Friday after the mayor handed the key to the city to the mythical figure, King Momo, who reigns over Carnival's five day marathon of dancing in the streets, parades and alcohol.

In the United States, the first of hundreds of thousands of expected revelers are in New Orleans, Louisiana for one of the largest Mardi Gras celebrations in the country.

Anti-abortion plans pose dilemma for Republicans

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Restrict abortion or cut spending?

The Republicans' "Pledge for America" says the new majority will do both. But negotiations over the federal budget threaten to force the GOP, including its 87 House freshmen, to choose between them.

It's a lesson in congressional reality that has Republicans struggling with how to vote - and what to do - when a divided government pits pledge against pledge.

"That's a problem - and I mean, a real problem," said Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee's budget and spending task force.

Britney Spears Strips Down For V Magazine

source : Britney Spears Strips Down For V Magazine
stifling and half-clothed on the cover of V Magazine, Britney Spears announces, "The b***h is back and mode adept than ever!" The rough pop singer, whose seventh studio album, 'Femme Fatale,' lands March 29, dialogue openly closer to her album, boys and fame, bringing that she has moved past the media scrutiny that plagued parts of her career.

"I attempt to cube it all out and not pay tending to anything they write on me in the magazines or internet. I'm done with that," Spears told V Magazine. "I've determined to ever ramain admitedly to myself and ne'er permit what others say about me switch who I am. It's a actually crucial lesson that took me a long time to learn."

Clinton: US Far From Decision on Libya No-Fly Zone

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the Obama administration is "a long way" from making any decision about whether to take part in a "no-fly zone" operation over Libya. At the same time, she said situation in Libya has the potential to descend into Somalia-like chaos.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says there may well be a role for U.S. and other countries' military assets in delivering humanitarian assistance to those caught up in or fleeing the Libyan violence.

But reflecting a sense of caution shared by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Clinton is making clear the United States will not be rushed into joining in a no-fly-zone regime in Libya or other military intervention.

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Reason of selecting diamond is that they considered as symbol of love, purity and unity. This attain Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings are one of the most popular choices in engagement rings. You can find that these days couples prefer presenting kakeityourring diamond engagement ring to their beloved and the conclude of its fame is its unique aspect and it has the ability to melt heart. Therefore by acquainting diamond engagement ring to your beloved you'll express her that how romantic you are and how much you love her.

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Turkish President Offers Egypt Support

Turkish President Abdullah Gul called on Egypt Thursday to hold a "transparent transition" as it moves to fill popular demands for democracy after protests forced the departure of longtime President Hosni Mubarak last month.

He commented as he led a Turkish delegation to Cairo for talks with Egypt's interim military leaders and political officials. He is the first Turkish official to visit Egypt since Mubarak resigned under pressure in February after three decades of rule.

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British Report Calls for Talks With Taliban in Afghanistan

British parliamentarians said Wednesday that counterinsurgency measures in Afghanistan are not working and peace talks need to start between the U.S. and its allies and the Taliban. Their report comes as Afghan President Hamid Karzai visits Britain.

The report published Wednesday said the military tactics being used in Afghanistan will not succeed in bringing stability to the war-torn country.

Richard Ottaway is a Conservative Member of Parliament and chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, which wrote the report.

Hazell leads Seton Hall past No. 15 St. John's

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) -- Jeremy Hazell scored a season-high 31 points and Seton Hall, the worst 3-point shooting team in the Big East, made a season-best 12 from beyond the arc in an 84-70 victory over No. 15 St. John's on Thursday night, snapping the Red Storm's six-game winning streak.

Freshman Fuquan Edwin had a career-best 19 points for the Pirates (12-17, 6-11), who had lost three straight and five of six.

Dwight Hardy scored 23 points for St. John's (19-10, 11-6), which was one of the hottest teams in the country, having won eight of nine. But the Red Storm fell apart in the final minutes, getting outscored 14-2 over the last 4 minutes that included coach Steve Lavin and senior forward Justin Burrell being ejected in two separate incidents.

Supreme Court: Anti-gay funeral picketers allowed

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a grieving father's pain over mocking protests at his Marine son's funeral must yield to First Amendment protections for free speech. All but one justice sided with a fundamentalist church that has stirred outrage with raucous demonstrations contending God is punishing the military for the nation's tolerance of homosexuality.

The 8-1 decision in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., was the latest in a line of court rulings that, as Chief Justice John Roberts said in his opinion for the court, protects "even hurtful speech on public issues to ensure that we do not stifle public debate."

February retail sales rise in most categories

NEW YORK (AP) -- Retail sales in February rose in categories ranging from clothing to furniture, despite winter storms and rising gas prices, according to data released Wednesday.

Figures released by MasterCard Advisors' SpendingPulse, which tracks spending in all forms including cash, show clothing sales rose 6 percent, with increases in men's, women's and teen clothing.

Furniture sales rose 4 percent, the fourth consecutive monthly increase for that category, one of the hardest-hit during the recession.