Sisters of burned TX mom say they feared brother

Two sisters of the man accused of setting their mother ablaze before trying to sexually assault a school teacher at knifepoint said Tuesday that they long feared his violent temper but don't know what sparked the outburst on his daughter's 11th birthday.

Cheryl Bozeman and Theresa Johnson said one wrong word could set off their 32-year-old brother, George James Bradley, whom they say has some form of schizophrenia.

In the Delta, a new flood brings back old fears

GREENVILLE, Miss. (AP) -- As the crest in the Mississippi River rolls toward the heart of the Delta, the great flood of 1927 is on a lot of minds.

On April 21 of that year, an engorged Mississippi River broke through a levee a few miles north of Greenville, sending a wall of water down Main Street, forever changing this area's landscape. Homes were crushed, sharecroppers' farms were carried away, thousands were trapped on rooftops for days and hundreds died.

Residents in Greenville believe they are safe this time, but 75 miles south in Vicksburg, people wonder whether history will repeat itself. Near the site where the Yazoo River empties into the Mississippi, forming a wishbone-like shape, predictions are the water will overtop the tributary levees by more than a foot. Even worse, the levees could fail.

Govt fines online airline ticketing services

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal regulators are going after online ticketing services that fail to tell customers booking a flight on a major airline that a leg of their trip will be operated by a separate regional carrier.

The Department of Transportation said Friday that five ticketing services - Fareportal Inc., American Travel Solutions, AirGorilla, Wholesale Travel Center Inc., and Automobile Club of New York, Inc. - are being fined a combined $175,000 for failing to disclose such "code-sharing" arrangements. Last month, two other services, and Airtrade International Inc., were fined a combined $90,000.